Our Team

Clifford Eaton


Clifford Eaton is a well-known analyst, expert, advisor, and the founder of The NBO News. He made a successful analytic company from a scratch.

Before he decided to start his own business, Clifford was an advisor in one big international company. He is a specialist in natural resources. And he says his knowledge usually help him in business.

Eaton received his education in Texas University. He has an MA in business, specializing in finances.

When he was a young teenage boy of 18, he made his first investment with the help of his elder sister.

He confesses it was not a very wise investment. Since that time, he continued to make investments, sometimes successful, sometimes not. After many years he learned how to invest in profitable companies, even if they are unnoticed to others.

Eaton has created his own method of market analysis. He taught other workers how to use this method while analyzing different areas of the Wall Street and international markets. He let the team decide whether they find this way better than classics, and they chose it. Analysts from the company still use his method working with their clients.

Clifford Eaton has a passion in his life. He is a writer. His book was called a bestseller. He also writes for economic magazines.

In his free time, he writes detectives, just to entertain his friends and family. His analytic mind helps him to create very interesting plots.

He helps officials with market’s frauds. Together with the team, they helped thousands of investors to save their money.

James Yeung


James Yeung is research analyst and financial strategist at the company. He works here from the very beginning and he has never planned to leave.

His colleagues call him “right hand of the boss”, jokingly. He is a leading analyst and has very good relations with all their clients. He says that he is just very friendly as he loves people and wants to help them if they are in need of his help.

James met Clifford Eaton, his current boss and company’s founder, in the discussion club, at the University. They usually were asked to be opponents in discussions, to show the real work of two brilliant minds, as Clifford likes to call it.

Eaton and Yeung quickly became friends. After Eaton left Taxes, Yeung stayed there and worked for several different companies as an analyst.

When Clifford decided to open his own analytic company, Yeung was the first person he remembered and called. James left his work and followed Eaton.

They both have very different interests in the market. Eaton can have a very different opinion, and the whole team witnesses the battle of two great minds from time to time. However, it is believed, that these battles keep the whole company in a good shape.

James recommends his clients to follow his example and never trust someone’s opinion if you don’t have any significant information to prove that. He asks investors to be more skeptical if they want to survive in the market and never give up searching for better options.

Cecilia Bailey


Cecilia Bailey is a researcher, writer, and analyst. She works in this company since 2011. Before that, she was a leading specialist in Research and Analysis, the analytic company from her native Florida.

She is a graduate of the University of Florida, Warrington.

Bailey says she never had plans to move to another state or travel a lot. And now it is her ordinary life. She can go to German or Belgium or China just to find better offers for her clients, who want to invest in something and are not very familiar with the foreign market.

Cecilia Bailey speaks several languages, including German, French, Chinese and Spanish. She says it is her gift to study new languages.

She says that her parents believed she would be philologist after school. However, her main interest was always on the market. She is fascinated by currency exchanges processes.

Her colleagues say that Cecilia is the most stubborn person when it comes to the analysis of the currency market. She never leaves her work unfinished. She also double-checks every prognosis.

Cecilia’s secret weapon is her knowledge of politics. She also has MA in this area. This analyst prefers to take every factor at the market as something very important. She checks news from every area if it may be somewhat related to the currency market.

She follows Twitter accounts of politicians and searches for the news from the White House, and governments abroad. She believes that there is no only one way to make analysis better. We have to use every tool.

Harris Wright


Harris Wright is an outstanding financial writer, analyst, and developer of the official website of the company.

Wright is from Illinois. He confesses he misses his hometown from time to time. However, he is a big fond of new opportunities, and surprises in his life.

He has finished College of Business in the University of Illinois, which is called Urbana-Champaign. He has MA in economics and bachelor’s degree in management information systems.

Harris Wright does not like to hurry up. This analyst found his method in the systematical detailed analysis of every document he can officially get from the market or stock company.

He is interested in long-term horizon only. He believes that there is no need to hurry if you want to receive really big investments. He knows for sure that it is possible.

Wright loves to tell this story to all his clients, considering that it may be a good lesson for them. When he was a young boy, his parents made an investment in his name as his birthday present, besides other gifts.

During a long time, Wright laughed at this present and thought it was a pointless gesture. Meanwhile, this company where he kept the money grew up bigger and wealthier. And dividends grew up as well. When he was 25 years old he finally remembered about this old gift, checked it, and understood that he is rich.

He bought the house, car, ship, and traveled for a while. Wright says that he still keeps some part of the money and always invests wisely.

Lisa Ransom


Lisa Ransom is well-known for her research analysis of the financial market. She works in the company since the 2014 year.

Ransom is from Washington. She comes from the family of market traders. She says that she never had doubts about her future profession.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Michael G. Foster Business School at Washington University. Ransom was asked to stay as a researcher at the University, but she wanted to become a full-time analyst.

Before she joined The NBO News she already was a well-known analyst. She wrote an analysis of the market for famous financial outlets. Her research articles were easy to understand, full of details and objective.

She also is a founder of her own blog, where she shares her general market prognosis for free. She warns her readers there that she can be somewhat subjective there and can tell her own personal opinion. Lisa Ransom warns that she does not take any responsibilities for other people choices. She does not make any suggestions on stock companies. Her personal experience with different stocks, which she usually describes there, is just her own point of view.