Home Business Facebook acquires $1 Billion worth mind-reading tech startup

Facebook acquires $1 Billion worth mind-reading tech startup

Facebook recently purchased a firm that creates technology that claims to read minds. This company, named CTRL-Labs, creates a wristband that is known to decode the electrical signals coming in from the brain. If any user wears this wristband, they can acquire the capability to control the computer with the use of just the thoughts.

Andrew Bosworth, the Vice President of Facebook, mentioned that any human body houses neurons in the spinal cord. This cord sends the electrical signals that tell your hands or legs to work in a certain way like clicking the mouse or pressing the button. This wristband can easily decode the messages and then translate the same into clear digital signals that can be understood by the device. This empowers its users with control over the digital life.

It is due to be noted here that Facebook hasn’t really aligned itself with the business designed for consumer electronics with the exception of the Portal Smart Camera. Facebook is mainly into the business of ad sales & uses the data listed by the users over its platform in order to power its business. If one takes a keen look at this acquisition, it is something that can be described as one more method that can be used by Facebook to acquire user data.

Worse yet, this time, Facebook plans on acquiring data directly from the user’s brain. At least this is what the Facebook users assume from this acquisition. Users showed their disappointment over platforms such as Twitter using words such as gross to define this new move by Facebook. The company refrained from responding to the request for any comments. All-in-all, this reaction mirrors a significant faction of the sentiment of the public that comes from Facebook using data over the years from its users. Facebook has also been involved in controversies related to data privacy that ranges from small-scale cases to the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. It was during the latter case when personal Facebook data had been taken from 87 Million+ Facebook users by a firm dedicated to Political Data-Analysis.

As per reports, Facebook has coughed up around $1 Billion to acquire the company. However, sources that are familiar with this matter mentioned the acquisition somewhere between $500 Million & $1 Billion. This acquisition will accelerate the hopes for the availability and development of this gadget to its consumers.

Derek Barnes
Derek Barnes
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