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Salesforce introduces new features for its Cloud Financial Services

On Tuesday, Salesforce announced its latest achievements in the Cloud Financial Services aimed to help the insurance firms in better execution of their digital strategies while retaining their top talent. According to the company, several insurance firms are using the old and decentralized legacy systems that lack the comprehensive roadmap for digital transformation.

With its fresh set of modern features, the company, Salesforce, is now hoping to provide proper solutions for the shortcomings in the insurance industry. These features will provide the customer service representatives and the agents with an in-depth view of the policyholders and customers. This will ultimately help them engage with the policyholders keeping up perfect timing. Further, these features will help support the up-sell and cross-sell activities.

Back in the year 2016, Salesforce rolled out its Cloud Financial Services as a method that taps into the tech market and financial services. This helped bring industry-centric updates along with innovation from the Salesforce platform dedicated to the insurers, fin-tech, and banks. Most financial services are designed to operate in sync with the legacy system along with a complex mix of integration points. Not just that, these firms generally struggle to stitch together or correlate the customer data manually from different systems for personalized service delivery at scale.

A major chunk of features present in the Cloud Financial Services addresses these issues in an efficient manner. As per the latest industry updates, new features and services are inclusive of a revamped model for the Agents as well as the customer service representatives. This critical workforce in the insurance firms will now get access to a console designed specifically to suit their needs for proper customer interaction. The Cloud Financial Services also brings in the pre-packaged templates known as Lightning Flow that aims to ensure seamless application of business rules while reducing the inefficiencies in any insurance firm.

It will also be comprised of pre-built business analytics corroborated via Einstein aimed to help the managers and agents optimize their business books. Ayan Sarkar, the Salesforce Global Head of Insurance, mentioned that the insurance sector is now working at a rapid pace to deliver engaging and relevant experiences for the customers throughout their interaction with the insurance firms. He further added that the companies seem more dedicated than ever to increase their efforts and the use of AI and Data alongside the digitizing of the firm will help the insurers deliver a distinctive experience.

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Bo Walkden
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